How to Draw Hello Kitty

Welcome to the newly updated website on how to draw Hello Kitty — a pop culture cartoon that was originally created in the country of Japan. In this drawing tutorial, we’re going to luckily learn how to draw Hello Kitty in 4 simple steps. The drawing tutorial was found on a website called Dragoart and the drawing video was obviously found on YouTube. Their both easy to learn from and I mostly prefer the Dragoart drawing tutorial because I really don’t like watching videos because it’s such a lazy way to learn. So maybe you’ll enjoy the drawing tutorials or not. I think either way you’ll like both. Before you start the video though, let me share some useful tips that you might find interesting. First tip is to remember that Hello Kitty is a chibi cat looking animal. So when your drawing Hello Kitty, try thinking of a chibi cat or in this case, a kitty :) Then you also want to remember that Hello Kitty is very round. Drawing circles to use as a guideline should be essential. Hello Kitty strangely has no mouth, so don’t draw a mouth and that’s all I have to say. I think your golden and your ready to learn how to draw Hello Kitty the easy way :D Enjoy!

Like I said, videos aren’t my way of teaching. I’ll be glad to share another drawing tutorial from a website, like I said, called Dragoart. Enjoy the drawing tutorial that I have uploaded and put together just for you Hello Kitty fans that want to learn how to draw.